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How does a banner ad benefit my business?

Regardless of the business you are in, business needs customers. Banner ads help you to get more traffic to your site and more customers to your business. Banner ads create brand awareness. They become aware of your products and services.

How much traffic do you get in your site?

We have more then 10,000 members. We get more then 2000 visitors every day.

Do I have to provide the banner?

Yes. You need to provide the correct size banner image. It can be in JPG, GIF and PNG format.

Is my fees refundable?

No. Once the banner shows up on the website, it is not refundable.

How soon will my banner ad appear on the site?

Your banner ads will appear within 24 hours.

How long will the banner ad appear on your site?

Banner ads will stay on the site for 30 days. Once you have paid the fees and sent the banner ad image, the banner ad will appear on our site within 24 hours. We will send an email once the banner ad shows up on the site. The email will also have the expiration date for the ad.